Continuing Education provides support for courses on campus during the summer session, winter session, and/or spring break, contact Marlys Boote.

Instructors and departmental executive officers (DEOs) interested in developing new online or on location courses or certificate programs, are encouraged to contact Associate Dean for Distance Education and Outreach Anne W. Zalenski, Ph.D. for more information. Existing courses and certificate programs also can be modified to meet online and/or on-location needs.

Course Approval Process


Summer 2017 is the final semester we will offer Guided Independent Study (GIS) courses.

We have been evaluating the efficacy of Guided Independent Study (GIS) courses for several years. We find evidence that students are more likely to complete online courses with a slightly higher grade point if they enroll in a one-term instructor-paced (EXW) online course as opposed to a two-term self-paced (GIS) course. We attribute the increased student success in synchronous online courses to effective student engagement, structured course deadlines, a collaborative environment enabling students to enhance learning, seek assistance, and find resources, as well as timely student feedback.

Please contact Laura Sinn (; 319-353-2656) to discuss moving your course from GIS to the one-term EXW format.

Differences & Similarities of EXW and GIS (*.pdf)