Highlighted Courses | Distance and Online Education

Highlighted courses for Fall 2018


ANTH:2261:0EXW    Human Impacts on the Environment  3 s.h. 

ANTH:3016:0EXV     Career Paths in Anthropology  1 s.h. 

CEE:5410:0001         Politics and Economics of FEWS  3 s.h.

CNW:1620:0EXW     Introduction to Creative Nonfiction  3 s.h.

CSI:1600:0EXT         Success at Iowa  1, 2 s.h. 

EALL:4130:0EXW     Introduction to Grant Writing   3 s.h.   Video from Instructor

EDTL:4900:0EXW     Foundations of Special Education  3 s.h. 

EVNT:3154:0EXW     Foundations of Event Management   3 s.h. 

GHS:3560:0EXW       Global Garbage and Global Health   3 s.h. 

HHP:2500:0EXW        Psych Aspects Sport and Physical Activity  3 s.h. 

MED:1100:0EXW        Introduction to Health Care Professions  3 s.h. 

MGMT:4100:0EX*       Dynamics of Negotiations *Course has three sections 0EXT, 0EXV, and 0EXW  3 s.h.

MUSM:3200:0EXW     Collection Care and Management  3 s.h. 

PHAR:1111:0EXW       Need a New Drug?  1 s.h.

RCE:2081:0EXU*        Making a Vocational-Educational Choice  *This course has two sections EXU and EXV  2,3 s.h. 

CE:4112:0EXW           How to Interview to Get the Job!  3 s.h.   Video from Instructor 

RCE:4113:0EXW         Sleep, Sleep Deprivation and Sleep Disorders  3 s.h.  Video from Instructor

RCE:4114:0EXW         Psychology of Body Modification and Self-Image  3 s.h.  Video from Instructor 

RCE: 4131:0EXW        Loss, Death, and Bereavement  3 s.h.  Video from Instructor 

RCE:4132:0EXW         Addiction and Impulse Control Disorders  3 s.h. Video from Instructor