Highlighted Courses | Distance and Online Education

Highlighted courses for Fall 2018


ANTH:3016:0EXV     Career Paths in Anthropology  1 s.h. 

CNW:1620:0EXW     Introduction to Creative Nonfiction  3 s.h.

CW:2100:0EXV         Creative Writing  3 s.h.  

CW:2100:0EXW        Creative Writing  3 s.h. 

CW:2870:0EXW        Fiction Writing  3 s.h.  

CW:2875:0EXW        Poetry Writing  3 s.h. 

CW:3870:0EXW        Advanced Fiction Writing  3 s.h. 

CW:3875:0EXW        Advanced Poetry Writing  3 s.h. 

CW:4745:0EXW        The Sentence: Strategies for Writing   3 s.h. 

CW:4760:0EXW        The Art of Revision: Writing for Clarity   3 s.h. 

GHS:2260:0EXW      Hard Cases Healthcare/Beginning of Life  3 s.h. 

HHP:1048:0EXW       Basics Personal Training and Program Design  3 s.h.

HIST:4264:0EXW       USA in a World at War 1931-1945  3 s.h.  Video from Instructor

JMC:1500:0EXW       Social Media Today  3 s.h

MED:1100:0EXW      Introduction to Health Care Professions  3 s.h. 

MUS:1720:0EXN       History of Jazz  3 s.h. (other sections 0EXO, 0EXP, 0EXR, 0EXS, 0EXT, 0EXU, 0EXV)

OSTC:3750:0EXW    Fundamentals of Micro and Nanofabrication  3 s.h.  Video from Instructor

PHAR:1111:0EXW    Need a New Drug?  1 s.h.

PSQF:1050:0EXW    Learning Online Successfully  2 s.h.     

PSY:1010:0EXV        Learning About Learning  1 s.h. 

RCE:4111:0EXW       Building Leadership and Success at Work  3 s.h. Video from Instructor