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University of Iowa

Summer 2019 Highlighted Courses


FREN:1006:0EXW   Global Sports and National Cultures   Roxanna Curto   3 s.h. 

FIN:3400:0EXW        Principles of Risk Management and Insurance    3 s.h. 

HHP:2280:0EXW      Cultural Competency Health Interventions  Gayle Walter   3 s.h. 

HHP:4030:0EXW      Policy, Environmental, and Social Health  Gayle Walter  3 s.h. 

MKTG:9155:0EXW   Digital Marketing Insights, Strategies and Applications  Michael Wokosin  3 s.h. 

MGMT:9210:0EXW   Law and Ethics  Andrew Hosmanek    3 s.h. 

PSQF:4123:0EXW    Academic Acceleration   Ann Shoplik   3 s.h. 

PSQF:4134:0EXW    Parent-Teacher Communication    Stewart Ehly   3 s.h. 

PSQF:4136:0EXW    Home/School/Community Partnerships   Steward Ehly  3 s.h. 

RSMR:4110:0EXW    Fundamentals for the MRI Technologist   3 s.h.   


Fall 2019 Highlighted Courses

CHEM:1100:0EXW   Chemistry in Industry and the Economy  3 s.h.

LAS:2700:0EXW       Introduction to Latin American Students  Amber Brian  3 s.h.

LS:3004:0EXU          Perspectives on Leadership  Stacy Narcotta-Welp 3 s.h.

POLI:3505:0EXW     Civil Wars  Sara Mitchell  3 s.h.

RELS:1060:0EXV     Journey Through World Religions  Frederick Smith  3 s.h.

RELS:2852:0EXV     Women in Islam and the Middle East  Ahmed Souaiaia  3 s.h.

RHET:1115:0EXW     Academic Success Resources  Sonja Mayrhofer  1 s.h.

RHET:2135:0EXW    Rhetorices of Diversity and Inclusion  Jennifer Janechek  3 s.h.

SLA:6920:0EXW      Multimedia & Secon Language Acquisition  Brianna Janssen Sanchez 3 s.h.

SPAN:1505:0EXW   Accel Int Spanish for Heritage Speakers  Julia Oliver Rajan  5 s.h.

URP:6280:0EXW     Plng for Disaster Mitigation & Recovery  James Schwab  2, 3 s.h.