Summer 2017 New Courses

ACCT:3020:0EXW  Financial Accounting and Reporting   3 s.h.    Full--Wait listed
CCP:3203:0EXV  Investment Wise:Personal Investment  2 s.h.  Full--Wait listed
CHEM:1070:0EXW  General Chemistry I  3 s.h. Full--Wait listed
EDTL:4940:0EXW  Characteristics of Disabilities  3 s.h. Full--Wait listed
EDTL:3095:0EXW Teaching Reading Secondary Content Areas  3 s.h.
EPLS:5240:0EXW  Contemporary Issues in the Community College  3 s.h.
MED:1100:0EXW   Introduction to Health Care Professions  3 s.h. 
MSCI:3100:0EXW  Accounting Information Systems  3 s.h. Full--Wait listed
PHAR:1111:0EXW  Need a New Drug?  1 s.h. 
PHIL:1401:0EXW  Matters of Life and Death  3 s.h. Full-Wait listed

Summer 2017 Transitioning from GIS to EXW 

GRMN:2002:0EXW  Intermediate German II  4 s.h.  Full--Wait listed
PSQF:4134:0EXW  Parent Teacher Communication  3 s.h. Full--Wait listed

Fall 2017 New Courses

ANTH:3243:0EXW  Archaeology of the American Midcontinent   3 s.h. 
GHS:4002:0EXW  Working in Global Health  3 s.h. 
GEOG:1030:0EXW  Our Digital Earth 3 s.h.
HHP:1048:0EXV  Basics of Personal Training & Program Design  3 s.h.
HHP:1048:0EXW  Basics of Personal Training & Program Design 3 s.h. 
ITAL:2204:0EXW  Intermediate Italian II  4 s.h. 
IS:2020:0EXW  World Events Today!  3 s.h. 
OSTC:3750:0EXW  Fundamentals of Micro & Nanofabrication  3 s.h.
RELS:2570 0EXW  Introduction to Islamic Psychology  3 s.h.  
SRM:3020:0EXW  Nutrition in Health and Performance  3 s.h.  

Fall 2017 Transitioning from GIS to EXW courses

CLSL:1001:0EXW Elementary Latin  5 s.h. 
CLSL:1002:0EXW Elementary Latin II  5 s.h. 
CW:2870:0EXW  Fiction Writing 3 s.h. 
CW:3870:0EXW  Advanced Fiction Writing  
ENGL:1200:0EXW  The Interpretation of Literature  3 s.h. 
MATH:1020:0EXW  Elementary Functions  4 s.h. 
PSY:3010:0EXW  Health Psychology  3 s.h. 
PSQF:4123:0EXW  Academic Acceleration  3 s.h.