Registration Changes | Distance and Online Education
The University of Iowa

It is best to make changes to your schedule before a course begins; however, we do understand that you may need to make changes throughout the semester.  

Please note that once enrolled in courses, you are responsible for all enrollment changes, tuition payments and other charges on your ubill. The University of Iowa does not drop students from a course(s) or withdrawal a student for nonpayment or nonattendance. 

The Office of the Registrar provides support for on-campus course adds, drops and withdrawals. You will find instructions for registration changes for your on-campus courses here: 
Office of the Registrar, Change of Registration Information

For assistance with registration changes for your online courses; please see below,
call 319-335-2852 or email for assistance. 

Fall/Spring:  You can add or drop semester-length courses on MyUI for the first five days of the fall and spring semesters. On the sixth day of the semester you will need permission to make changes to semester-length courses.  For off-cycle courses, you can add or drop courses up to the first day of the class. On the first day of the class you will need permission to make changes to off-cycle courses.

Summer/Winter:  You can add or drop your courses on MyUI up to the first day of the class for summer and winter sessions.  On the first day of the class you will need permission to make changes to your course(s).

Registration change instructions when MyUI is closed for student-initiated changes:

  • Dropping courses when permission is required

You may drop courses in MyUI after you have obtained required permissions. To drop online:

  1. Initiate the request in MyUI by clicking the drop link next to the course you wish to drop.
  2. Make note of the permission(s) required to drop the course and proceed with obtaining permissions.
  3. Once all required permissions have been entered into your student record you can finalize the drop in MyUI.
  4. You will also receive an email and MyUI message letting you know that you can finalize the drop.
  • Adding courses when permission is required

Adding courses when permission is required is processed through email and MyUI.  Send an email to your advisor and with the following information:

*This information also appears in the pop-up in MyUI after clicking the Initiate Add Request button.

1. Create a new email using only your UIowa email account. Emails from other
accounts will not be approved.

2. Use the Copy buttons next to Subject and Message and paste the information into the
Subject line and Body of the email.

3. Compose your email and be sure to include the following:

  • Add the UIowa email addresses of each person you need permission from in the To line of your email.
  • You will need Instructor permission. The Instructor's email address is available in the course listing. 
  • You will need Advisor permission (unless not required by the Tippie College of Business).
  • You will find your Advisor on MyUI under Programs of Study and Advisors.
  • Use the Course Deadline Look-up Tool to confirm add deadlines, including when Dean's permission is needed. 
  • You will find college Dean contact information HERE.

4. Add any additional comments or information needed and send your email. 

Important Final Steps

After you receive a reply with all of your needed permissions, then forward that email to for processing.

Please forward all courses ending in a combination of numbers (0001, 0022, etc.) to for processing.

*Professional MBA Students - DO NOT use this process. Contact your program coordinator for any changes in registration you need to make. Additional registration information for MBA students can be found HERE

If you have questions, please contact, or 319.335.2852.

Termination of enrollment in all courses for a semester, even if only one course, constitutes a withdrawal of your registration for the session indicated. Withdrawal from an entire session is noted on the transcript. Students in good standing who withdraw from an entire session receive no credit, but are not assessed any academic penalty.

Withdrawals are completed online, through MyUI. Please pay close attention to each step of this process to successfully complete your withdrawal.


  • Navigate to your course schedule in MyUI. Begin by clicking the Withdraw Entire Registration link at the bottom of your course schedule.
  • You will be informed of the permissions needed. Permissions might include: your academic advisor, Collegiate Dean's Office, ISSS, or Athletics.
  • You will then be asked to fill out a Withdrawal Information Form. You will fill out a few required fields and some optional items.
  • You will then see that you have a pending withdrawal and there may be a list of additional permissions needed. Once you have been granted all permissions you can complete the withdrawal process. You will receive a MyUI message and an email once all permissions have been obtained.
  • Return to your course schedule to Complete Withdrawal.

It is your responsibility to understand the financial and academic consequences of dropping or adding a course. Please consult the following: