Add Proctorio to your personal computer in order to take an exam.

Proctorio Online Proctoring System


To take a proctored online exam or quiz from home, the Proctorio extension must be installed. To verify whether Proctorio is already installed click on Secure Exam Proctor. The Secure Exam Proctor link, found in the left navigation menu in ICON, is only present in courses using Proctorio.

Click on Secure Exam Proctor to check your current browser for the Proctorio extension.

  • If you have already installed Proctorio, a confirmation message will appear.
  • If you don’t have Proctorio installed, on-screen prompts will walk you through the process. 


To install the Proctorio extension, open your ICON course site in Chrome. There are three ways install the extension: 

  • click on the "Secure Exam Proctor" link in left sidebar of ICON*, 
  • click on the quiz or exam in question and follow the on-screen prompts, or 
  • click on

If you experience technological or geographical limitations and cannot use Proctorio, Exam Services (; 319-384-4800) may be able to make alternate proctoring arrangements. 

To complete a quiz or exam that uses Proctorio, students and instructors must have: 

  • a computer* with 2 GB of free RAM** and the browser, Chrome, installed, 
  • a microphone, 
  • a webcam capable of scanning the environment, 
  • a reliable internet connection, 
  • a quiet, private location, 
  • and the Proctorio extension installed. 

*Proctorio is not supported on mobile devices such as cell phone or tablets. 

*Test-takers will be warned before beginning a quiz or exam if there is insufficient RAM. Failure to address the issue can result in multiple types of exam failures.

Students who have a computer but need a space to test should check the links below for locations across campus. Most locations are available on a first-come first-served basis. 

Students who do not have access to a quiet/private location and/or a computer that is sufficient for Proctorio exams can contact us at; 319-467-4628 to schedule a space in the North Campus Test Center.