The Proctored Exams Portal is the most important tool for proctored exams in University of Iowa courses. Use it to view exam details, schedule/reschedule exam appointments, cancel exam appointments, verify SDS accommodations for exams, and view upcoming exam appointments. 

The Proctored Exams Portal (located in the left navigation menu in ICON) is present in all courses that use proctoring services, whether for an individual student in the class or for all students in the class.

Click on the Proctored Exams Portal to see a list of all proctored exams assigned to you, and all proctored exams you have scheduled, for the ICON course you are in. Each exam displays in a new row, and each row contains exam details. Use the scheduling buttons to create an exam appointment from the list of available days and times. Cancel or reschedule exam appointments if the exam window has not expired.

There are two sections in the Proctored Exams Portal: Assigned Exams and Scheduled Exams.

Assigned Exams, the upper section of the portal, lists all proctored exams assigned to you (the student who is logged into ICON) for that course.

Scheduled Exams, the lower section of the portal, lists all proctored exams that you have scheduled for that course.

TIP:  Some exam details are visible when looking at the list of exams. These include exam name, exam date(s), exam duration, and exam status. Other exam details are available only by clicking on the exam name. These include materials allowed, special instructions for students, exam delivery method, and exam medium. 

Exams ready for scheduling will have a scheduling link or links in the “Status” column. Scheduling links will vary from course to course based on which exam delivery method the instructor has chosen.

The scheduling links can be “Schedule in Virtual Proctor” or “Schedule in Testing Center.”

  • Clicking on “Schedule in Virtual Proctor” lets the instructor know you plan to test remotely with Proctorio.
  • Clicking on “Schedule in Testing Center” allows you to make an exam appointment at the North Campus Test Center.
  • Exams that have been cancelled will have a status of “Cancelled” and no scheduling links will be available.
  • Exams that were not scheduled before the exam window ended will have a status of “Exam Expired.” 

Exam appointments made in the Proctored Exams Portal can be easily cancelled or rescheduled – as long as the window has not expired.

  • Locate the exam you wish to cancel in the list of Scheduled Exams.
  • Click on the cancel button in the Status column.
  • The exam will no longer show in Scheduled Exams. It will once again be listed under Assigned Exams.  

Please visit our accommodations page for details about SDS accommodations.

Materials allowed can be found by clicking on the exam name in the proctored exams portal. No supplemental materials are allowed during the exam – electronic or otherwise – unless approved by the instructor. 

If approved by the instructor, Proctorio has both an online whiteboard for scratch paper and a basic or scientific online calculator. If any other materials are allowed (physical scratch paper, notes, etc.), they will be listed in the Proctored Exams Portal and in the exam instructions in ICON.