Some University of Iowa courses allow you to complete exams outside of the Iowa City test center by utilizing a remote, online proctoring tool. Proctorio is integrated into ICON to make taking remotely proctored quizzes and exams easier and more convenient. No more scheduling or fees.

Proctorio Online Proctoring System

How Proctorio Works

During testing, Proctorio verifies your identity and prevents the use of unauthorized aids or tools. 

Proctorio will record the following: 

  • the student's webcam feed, 

  • the student's screen, 

  • violations such as looking away from the screen or speaking out loud, 

  • and will shut the exam down for the use of keyboard shortcuts, attempting to open another program (even an incoming phone call), or opening another browser/tab. 

The extension records the data above when a student begins the exam, and is no longer active once the exam is submitted. For more information about how Proctorio protects privacy, click on the following link:  

Proctorio provides instructor access to recordings and findings within its own "gradebook" in ICON. Instructors must be using Chrome and have Proctorio installed to view the "gradebook."

  • The information recorded can only be viewed while in ICON and is compliant with the FERPA policy and regulations.
  • It is not possible to download student recordings or send a link to student recordings in ICON. 
  • Proctorio only works with online exams in ICON; it will not work for paper exams.   

Installing Proctorio

The "Secure Exam Proctor" link, found in the left navigation menu in ICON, is only present in courses using Proctorio.

Click on “Secure Exam Proctor" to check your current browser for the Proctorio extension.

  • If you have already installed Proctorio, a confirmation message will appear.
  • If you don’t have Proctorio installed, on screen prompts will walk you through the process. 

If you experience technological or geographical limitations and cannot use Proctorio, Exam Services (; 319-384-4800) may be able to make alternate proctoring arrangements. 

To complete a quiz or exam that uses Proctorio, students and instructors must have: 

  • a computer with 2 GB of free RAM* and the browser, Chrome, installed, 
  • a microphone, 
  • a webcam capable of scanning the environment, 
  • a reliable internet connection, 
  • a quiet, private location, 
  • and the Proctorio extension installed. 

Proctorio is not supported on mobile devices such as cell phone or tablets. 

To install the Proctorio extension, open your ICON course site in Chrome. There are three ways install the extension: 

  • click on the "Secure Exam Proctor" link in left sidebar of ICON*, 
  • click on the quiz or exam in question and follow the on-screen prompts, or 
  • click on

*Test-takers will be warned before beginning a quiz or exam if there is insufficient RAM. Failure to address the issue can result in multiple types of exam failures. 

Proctorio live support is available 24/7 via phone, email, and live chat. 

Note: Live Chat is only available from within the ICON course site. 

Students who have a computer but need a space to test should check the links below for locations across campus. Most locations are available on a first-come first-served basis. 

Students who do not have access to a quiet/private location and/or a computer that is sufficient for Proctorio exams can contact us at; 319-467-4628 to schedule a space in the North Campus Test Center. 

Quality room scans are key to ensuring a student has a private testing environment.

A good room scan allows the instructor to confirm whether or not a student is consulting unacceptable sources. If the scan is poor, it is harder to determine whether or not academic misconduct has occurred. There is a sample room scan in the Practice Quiz. 

The room scan should: 

  • include a 360 degree view of the entire room 
  • include the work surface 
  • include what is behind the computer 

A poor room scan: 

  • is not 360 degrees 
  • moves too quickly or is blurry 
  • only shows student eye level 
  • doesn't show the work surface 
  • stops short of showing certain areas of the room 
  • has the student in the screen for the entire room scan (preventing you from seeing behind the student) 

When taking an exam via Proctorio, you need to behave as you would in a test center or classroom, and you must abide by the guidelines below. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in a report of suspicious activity being triggered in the platform. Each quiz or exam is reviewed by the course instructor. Deviation from the guidelines may result in a report of academic misconduct and/or a punitive action. See this website for information about academic misconduct: 

A. No supplemental materials allowed – unless approved by the instructor. 

  • If approved by the instructor, Proctorio has both an online whiteboard for scratch paper and a basic or scientific online-calculator. 
  • If other materials are allowed (scratch paper, calculators, notes, etc.), other materials will be listed in the Proctored Exams Portal in ICON and in the exam instructions in ICON. 

B. No collaboration of any kind – unless approved by the instructor. 

  • No electronic communication devices (phones, other computers, tablets, watches, etc.,) unless approved by the instructor. 
  • No access to resources either in print or on a device during the exam unless approved by the instructor. 
  • No personal calculators unless approved by the instructor. 
  • No headphones, earbuds, or any other listening devices may be used or worn during the test unless approved by the instructor. 
  • No music, television shows, movies, or podcasts should be playing in the background. 
  • No persons other than the test taker should be in the testing environment. The presence of others will be detected by Proctorio and will generate a report of suspicious activity. 
  • Face and eyes of the test taker must be visible for the duration of the exam. 
  • No leaving the exam or the room for any reason until the exam is completed and submitted. 

C. Room Scan required at the start of the test and/or at random times during the test. 

  • Room must be shown at workstation level. Test takers should show the area on the desk, under the desk, and a 360-degree view of the entire room. 
  • Don't show the room at ceiling level. 
  • Don't be in the center of the room scan. 
  • Move the camera slowly and thoroughly enough to provide a clear view of the test environment. 
  • An incomplete or poor room scan can result in a lower grade or suspicion of academic misconduct. 
  • A new room scan is required for every proctored quiz or exam. 
  • Complete the proctored quiz or exam in the same room shown in the room scan. 

D. Proctorio offers 24/7 live support via chat. 

  • Technical problems which prevent successful proctoring may affect the score. Notify the instructor of any issue. 
  • Live Chat is available by clicking the gray shield image in the top right corner of the Chrome browser or by locating Proctorio Tools in the top left corner of the quiz/exam screen. Live Chat is particularly helpful as the representative can see the test taker's screen to better assist with problems. 

E. Academic Misconduct 

  • If the test taker deviates from the Guidelines for Using Proctorio, the test taker must explain the incident to the instructor in writing as soon as possible. 
  • If the test taker's explanation and the instructor's review reveal a reasonably innocent explanation, the instructor may choose to allow the test taker to modify the behavior and comply with the guidelines to prevent future punitive action. 
  • If the test taker's explanation is unsatisfactory, the instructor may choose to impose a punitive action. 
  • If the test taker does not report a deviation and the instructor suspects a violation of the Guidelines for Using Proctorio, the instructor will contact the test taker and punitive action may be taken. 
  • If the test taker has questions or concerns about academic misconduct or a punitive action, the test taker should consult the following site: