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NOTE: The Iowa City Test Centers are closed until further notice beginning March 18, 2020.


DOE Exam Services can proctor: 

  • students who are enrolled in an online course
  • students who are eligible for extended time,
  • students who are eligible for reduced distraction,
  • students who need to complete a make-up exam,
  • students completing a non-University of Iowa exam. 


Proctoring Options: 

IC Test Center

Iowa City Test Center

The Iowa City Test Center provides face-to-face proctoring for online exams and paper-based exams.

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Proctorio On-Demand Proctoring

Proctorio is an on-demand remote proctoring service which allows students to take ICON-based exams at home.

Paper-based Exam

Off-Campus Paper Exams

Arrange to complete paper exams with a proctor in your area when taking courses from a distance.


Frequently Asked Questions:

The Iowa City Test Centers are closed beginning March 18, 2020 until further notice.

Hours of Operation

  • Monday through Thursday: 9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. 
  • Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
  • Saturday and Sunday: Closed 


Additional Information

  • Hours listed above are subject to change.
  • Limited or no proctoring available during breaks between semesters or designated University of Iowa holidays.
    • See calendar for dates of Midterms, Finals, breaks, and designated holidays

Please contact your instructor for written permission to schedule your makeup exam, then forward the permission to doe-exams@uiowa.edu. Please see Make-Up Exams for details.

Students can complete exams at the test center for courses that meet on-campus. Instructors must schedule the student. Click on this link to schedule a student: Proctored Exam Request.

See Other Proctoring Services for more details.

Please call 319-384-4800 or email doe-exams@uiowa.edu. Exam Services will do their best to find a seat for you but availability may be limited the day of the exam.

Exam Services will need your

  • name,
  • student ID number,
  • course number and
  • exam number.

Refer to your ICON course site for materials allowed (if any) on your exam. 

Please see Iowa City Test Centers for complete list of items allowed at the test center. 

Check your ICON course site for the date(s) your exam is available. 

You will receive an email notification at your UIOWA email account once your proctor request is approved and a paper exam is sent to your off-campus proctor. See Off-Campus Paper Exams for details. 

NOTE: Paper-based exams going to an off-campus proctor should be requested at least two weeks prior to the exam start date. 

Beginning Fall 2018, proctoring is available only for paper-based exams at the Des Moines Test Center (JMPEC).  See Off-Campus Paper Exams for details.

Where and how to take your proctored exam is determined by the type of exams in your course. Refer to your ICON course site and your course syllabus for any exam requirements and restrictions.