BizInnovator Startup

BizInnovator Startup is a curriculum toolkit and professional development program for high school business and marketing teachers. BizInnovator Startup provides an accessible solution for innovation and entrepreneurship education.

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NEXus: Nursing Course Exchange

The Nursing Education Exchange (NEXus) is a consortium of institutions offering online doctoral programs in Nursing. Each institution encourages students to take courses from other member institutions. The exchange provides nurses an invaluable opportunity to further enrich their educational experiences.

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STEM Innovator®

Jacobson Institute workshops offer practices in STEM Innovation and Entrepreneurial Thinking to incorporate into your teaching practice and to guide K-12 innovation pathways. Each workshop session unlocks an integral piece of the STEM Innovator® curriculum toolkit and a digital portfolio assessment tool. 

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Iowa Bandmasters Association: UI Academic Credit Option

The University of Iowa offers undergraduate and graduate academic credit for participation and assignment completion associated with the Iowa Bandmasters Association Conference each year. 

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Advanced Placement Summer Institute: UI Academic Credit Option

Advanced Placement (AP®) courses introduce high school students to academically challenging material and then give them an opportunity to earn college credit by taking AP® exams. The AP® Summer Institute (APSI) prepares new and current AP® teachers to develop and teach an AP® course.

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