Bachelor of Applied Studies (BAS)

With the BAS you complete an interdisciplinary curriculum in distribution areas you select. Emphasis areas may also be added and include: Creative Writing, Human Relations, Justice Studies, and Political Science.

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Bachelor of Arts in Enterprise Leadership

The BA in Enterprise Leadership provides a unique blend of skills, theory, and content that will encourage you to apply your knowledge and skills on the job.

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Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

The BA in Political Science can provide a career pathway for work in the public, private and nonprofit sector including: campaign management, public policy, Peace Corps, and government administration.

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Bachelor of Liberal Studies (BLS)

With the BLS program, you will complete an interdisciplinary curriculum in a track you select. Tracks include: Global Studies, Health and Human Studies, and Organizational Studies

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Bachelor of Science in Sport and Recreation Management

The BS in Sport and Recreation Management offers a comprehensive curriculum with a unique integrative business approach that prepares you to meet the challenges in the global sport arena.

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Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-BSN)

Advance your career in nursing, with the RN-BSN degree program. The program offers a combination of online courses and experiential practicums at sites close to your home.

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RT to BS in Radiation Sciences

The online BS in Radiation Sciences degree is for certified radiologic technologists and nuclear medicine technologists. Technologists select courses in BI, CT, CVI, or MRI to complete a BS degree and advance their career.

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Certificate in Aging and Longevity Studies

The Certificate in Aging and Longevity Studies provides a multidisciplinary curriculum program consisting of courses in psychological, biological/health, and social/cultural aspects of aging.

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Certificate in Entrepreneurial Management

Empower your imagination to gain the knowledge you need to innovate in your chosen field. With a Certificate in Entrepreneurial Management, you are on the road to success.

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Certificate in Event Management

The Certificate in Event Management provides students with an opportunity to learn the profession of event planning. It combines experiential learning with academic course work to prepare you for all the unexpected when coordinating events.

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Certificate in Leadership Studies

Gain the knowledge and skills to proactively lead--whether it's a corporate, educational, or nonprofit environment. The world needs you!

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Certificate in Museum Studies

The Certificate in Museum Studies provides a wide spectrum of museum endeavors, from organization and mission planning to institutional histories and current developments in the field.

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Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership and Philanthropy

This certificate provides students with the knowledge, skills, and mindset to participate and lead effectively in a a growing world of nonprofits.

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Certificate in Writing

Increase your writing potential at a premier writing University. Courses are taught by engaging faculty including graduates of the Iowa Writers' Workshop.

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Interscholastic Athletics/Activities Administration

Are you ready to work in a school district helping students succeed in athletics? Prepare yourself with this certificate.

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