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Our distance students choose Iowa online degrees for many reasons; quality of education, flexibility, career advancement, and the pride that comes with earning a University of Iowa degree. Learn more about our students' journeys below.

Diana N photo

Diana Nemshick, BLS

Dianita always felt like an integral part of the Hawkeye family. The University of Iowa’s commitment to fostering a sense of belonging among all students made her proud to be a Hawkeye.

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Photo of Rachel Farrow

Rachel Farrow, BLS

Originally from Pennsylvania, Rachel Farrow’s connection to the University of Iowa started years ago.  She first attended the Young Writer’s Studio during high school

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Photo of Kendra Becker

Kendra Becker, BLS

Earning an undergraduate degree from the University of Iowa wasn’t originally something Kendra Becker (BLS 2018) had planned to do. As a first generation college student, her main goal was to complete her associate degree.

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Emily K photo

Emily Kedzie, BLS

The University of Iowa’s online Bachelor of Liberal Studies program was a perfect fit for where Emily Kedzie found herself a few years ago.

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Photo of Nancy Lund

Nancy Lund, BAS

It was a promise made to her father that started Nancy Lund down the path to a Bachelor of Applied Studies (BAS) degree.  

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Photo of Jennifer Montgomery

Jennifer Montgomery, BLS

For Jennifer Montgomery, there is nothing more liberating than being able to say she completed her bachelor’s degree when she was 42 years old.


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Photo of Joe Hobson

Joe Hobson, BAS

Joe Hobson graduated from the University of Iowa with a Bachelor of Applied Studies (BAS) degree in 2015, but that’s only part of the story.  The bigger part of the story is about the determination it took to keep working toward a long-term goal.

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Photo of Greg Hauswirth

Greg Hauswirth, BAS

For Greg Hauswirth, a database administrator from Spencer, Iowa, the satisfaction of completing his degree was the motivating force behind going back to school.  “My only goal was to complete something that I failed to finish a very long time ago,” says Hauswirth.

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Photo of Angela Steines

Angela Steins, BLS

Angela Steines was able to complete her Bachelor of Liberal Studies with an organizational studies track in three semesters taking 15 hours a semester.  As a 911 dispatcher for Scott County, she answers 911 calls and dispatches for fire and police. 

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Photo of Matt Moore

Matt Moore, BAS

While Matt Moore’s career success was satisfying, he had always hoped to complete his undergraduate degree from Iowa. 

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Photo of Ellen Brandau

Ellen Brandau, BLS

When Ellen Brandau decided to complete her Bachelor of Liberal Studies (BLS) from the University of Iowa, she had no idea how much an online learning experience would prepare her for her next career opportunity. But that’s just what happened

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Photo of Tyler Hahn

Tyler Hahn, BAS

When Tyler Hahn began his Bachelor of Applied Studies (BAS) degree with an emphasis in creative writing, he dreamed of working in a library.  Not only has he achieved that dream, but is now working on his third draft of a novel called Savage’s Letter.

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Photo of Ellonyia Yenney

Ellonyia Yenney, BAS

 “I wanted to let my son, Lazarus know it was never too late to complete a life goal.  For Yenney, this meant returning to school after a 20 year absence while working full-time in a position that required travel.

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Photo of Donna Macek

Donna Macek, BLS

“It doesn’t matter how old a person is. If you want an education, attempt to achieve that goal. I went back to school for my first AA degree when I was working full time, had two small children and a husband. If you want it bad enough, you can do it. Now the kids are grown and I’m going back to school again. Never give up.”

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Photo of Chris Kelly

Chris Kelly, BAS

Working full-time and being a father of three children would not have left Chris much time to travel to a traditional classroom. Fortunately the flexibility to study and take exams around his work and family obligations made Chris’ goal achievable.

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Photo of Sheila Allison

Sheila Allison, BAS

Sheila Allison spent a lot of time researching different private and public universities before making the decision to complete her Bachelor of Applied Studies (BAS) degree at the University of Iowa. There were many factors that went into her decision but it came down to flexibility, convenience, reputation, and affordability

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Photo of Leesa Fair

Leesa Fair, BAS

Leesa Fair had a goal to achieve by her 50th birthday—to walk across the stage and receive a Bachelor of Applied Studies (BAS) degree from the University of Iowa. " She wasn't alone. Leesa and her son, Benjamin both started at the University of Iowa at the same time, and both graduated together in December 2012.

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Photo of Denise Veatch Cofas

Denise Veatch Cofas, BAS

Denise Veatch Cofas was celebrating her 49th birthday when it occurred to her that she may never realize her dream of obtaining a Bachelor’s degree.

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Photo of Emily Kuper

Emily Kuper, RN-BSN

Kuper completed her ADN in 2010 from NIACC and her BSN in 2012 from the University of Iowa. Kuper found her practicum experiences the most interesting and rewarding. It was actually during her Public Health practicum that she discovered her love of school nursing

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Photo of Wendy Meyers

Wendy Meyers, BAS

Taking one or two courses each semester as a part of the online Bachelor of Applied Studies (BAS) degree program allowed Wendy to easily navigate through the process.

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Photo of Mandie Mayo

Mandie Mayo, MA, Strategic Communication

Mandie has been fortunate to have rewarding professional experiences in her hometown, so she was looking for a degree that she could pursue part-time while continuing to work. The University of Iowa distance education program allows her to remain in Sioux City, and complete an advanced degree.

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Photo of Matt Traynor

Matt Traynor, BAS

While completing his degree, Matt worked full-time as a Registration Specialist in the Emergency Room of St. Luke’s Hospital in Cedar Rapids saying, “It’s possible to work and complete a degree when your priorities are straight."

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Photo of Rachel Goodrich

Rachel Goodrich, BAS

The flexibility of the Bachelor of Applied Studies (BAS) degree is what made it possible for Rachel Goodrich of Libertyville, IA to accomplish her lifelong goal of completing her bachelor’s degree.

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Photo of Kate Grizzell

Kate Grizzell, BAS

As a wife, mother, business owner and substitute teacher, Kate Grizzell was looking for a degree program that offered the flexibility and support for her busy schedule.  

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