Wendy Meyers, BAS

Deciding to start college later in life is a big step, one that Wendy Meyers, 2013 recipient of the Robert Ray Scholarship did not take lightly. Having completed her AAS degree from Kirkwood Community College, and then taking the next step in her education at the University of Iowa, Wendy has this to say about her decision.

“Don’t postpone your journey to gaining continuing education of any kind. It is something that once you have a degree, no one can ever take it away from you. A degree will provide a solid foundation for continuing to build on your future.“

Wendy’s goal was to start slowly and see if she could keep working full time, spending time with family, and still be able to do well in college courses. Taking one or two courses each semester as a part of the online Bachelor of Applied Studies (BAS) degree program allows her to easily navigate through the process.

“Being able to take the courses online is really the only way I can reasonably achieve this degree. The program of study is pretty laid out so I know exactly what I need to take in upcoming semesters, “Wendy says. “The BAS with tracks in Entrepreneurial Management and Human Relations is exactly what I want to pursue.”

Because of Wendy’s interests, the Foundations of Entrepreneurship course have been her most rewarding class to date. “Robert Gettemy, the instructor for this course had great insight as he was an entrepreneur himself. I was left feeling like I am on the right track.”

Wendy currently works at the University of Iowa as an academic program specialist in the College of Engineering. Wendy describes every department in the University as a mini-business. Completing her degree will provide helpful knowledge for obtaining a leadership position as her career evolves in the future.

“I know that as time goes on, I will want to continue to strive for promotions here at Iowa and I can’t say enough how much I think the University is a phenomenal place to work. And to achieve my goals, I need to complete my four year degree.”