Every semester new courses are brought online and old courses are improved. See our list of highlighted courses below.

Fall 2023 Courses

CSED:4175:0EXW Motivational Interviewing 3 s.h.
ENGL:3148:0EXU Literary Editing 3 s.h.
EPLS:3240:0EXY Undergraduate Topics in Education -
Survey Research and Public Policy
1 s.h.
EPLS:3240:0EXU Undergraduate Topics in Education -
Research Skills for Public Policy
1 s.h.
SPAN:3110:0EXW Spanish Sound Structure 3 s.h.


Spring 2024

HPAS:1004:0EXW Food and Your College Experience 2 s.h.
HRTS:2908:0EXW Governance and Human Rights 1 s.h.
LING:1003:0EW English Grammar 3 s.h.
PHAR:2000:0EXW Exploring Travel Medicine 2 s.h.
SRM:3144:0EXW Programming for Recreational Services 3 s.h.