Build your skills

Online courses often require you to take a more proactive approach to learning.  Identify tools and resources that will help to build your online learning skills.  

Skills to Consider

You will use your computer to search the web and use a course management system called ICON (Canvas) to engage in your course work. Within the online course setting, you will communicate with your instructor and classmates through email and video conferencing, collaborate on projects with classmates, and navigate course features. Having good technical skills will contribute to your online learning success. Below are highlights of the resources for technical skills.

Technical Skill Resources

Web and Computer Skills

Share Documents and Collaborative Tools

Bookmarking Tools

Navigating ICON (Canvas)

As an online student, you may be given the flexibility to meet course deadlines at times that may be more convenient for you. However, this can raise potential problems. You need to make sure you manage your learning time, set studying goals and plans for your learning success, and communicate effectively with the instructor and your peers. The Step 1 video on “Tips for Online Learning Success” provides helpful strategies for your online learning success. Find additional study skills tips and resources below.

Study Skill Resources:

Enrolling in an online course at the university level will require you to build skills in critical thinking, communication, writing, leadership and management, and networking. Developing these skills will help you achieve your academic success and provide a strong transition to your future careers. A variety of academic and learning resources and support are available from the university, such as the Writing Center, the Tutoring Center, and the Center for Student Involvement & Leadership. Additional academic skill-building resources are linked below.

Academic Skill Resources:

Accessing Online Courses from Outside of the United States

There are some locations outside of the United States where University of Iowa students have had difficulty accessing online courses. Find more information here: 
Online Outside of the U.S.