The University of Iowa requires every student to maintain a valid UI email account for official communication with University administration and interaction with advisors and professors. 

Once a HawkID is set up, each student is assigned a standard University of Iowa email address, also referred to as your email alias. It may take several minutes for your UI email to be assigned. UI email addresses are commonly assigned in the form of "" (for example:"").

Students are expected to check their UI email regularly. Email is the primary communication source from the UI. For your privacy and the protection of your student record, UI faculty and staff can only correspond with your UI address.

**IMPORTANT: You must be sure you can access your UI email before courses begin!**

  • Go to Office 365 email at
  • Log in using your HawkID and password.
  • From the Office 365 home screen click on the Mail icon.

Forward your UI email address (optional): If you wish to have your UI email forwarded to an external or personal email address, please visit the instructions on the ITS website at

If you choose to forward your email to a personal account, you should make sure that address is set to accept all email from addresses as some external providers may reject messages sent by the UI.  

We highly recommend you utilize the forwarding option to "keep a copy" of all forwarded messages in your Office 365 account.  Be sure to login to your Office 365 account on a regular basis to make sure you are not missing emails.  You are responsible for all email sent to your UI email address. 

To ensure student identity, the UI requires that students send email from their UI email account.  If you have forwarded your email to an alternate account, you will still need to login to Office 365 to send email from your UI account.

Office 365
The primary campus email and calendaring service at the University of Iowa is Office 365 which provides access to Microsoft Office for free over the internet. Students most commonly access Office 365 online at

In addition to email and calendaring features, Office 365 also provides up-to-date access to other programs such as Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint to name a few. All of these programs are available to UI students at NO CHARGE. UI Office 365 is located online or in the cloud so you can access it virtually anywhere. Additionally, students have the option to install Microsoft Office for free on up to five personal devices.

More information on Office 365 including a full list of features can be found at: Iowa, Office 365.

Important Information:

  • ​Current students should NOT route their email address to an external or personal address. All UI addresses should be routed to Office 365 and use the forward option within Office 365, if desired. UI email addresses routed to an external or private email address are not guaranteed to receive vital email sent from the UI. If you wish to access all of your email in one place, you should forward your email from your Office 365 account (see above).
  • If you’re not enrolled in a UI course, your Office 365 account will become inactive after 2 years.
  • For help using email see Email Support.
  • Your University Email for New Students