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University of Iowa


Most online courses are administered through a learning management system called ICON (Iowa Courses Online). When you log into ICON with your HawkID and password you will find a link for each course in which you are enrolled.

ICON course sites can be activated as early as two weeks prior to the start of the semester, although some course sites might not open until the first day of the semester. Click on the course link, locate the syllabus, and get to work!

If you are unable to locate the ICON site for your online course, you can email the instructor, the department offering the course, or DCE Course Administration ( for assistance. Enter your full course number in MyUI Course Browse or click on the hyperlinked course number in your MyUI Course Schedule to locate instructor and department contact information.


Email is the official mode of communication for the University of Iowa. You will need a University of Iowa email account, which you can access from any web browser via Office365. Office365 will also provide you with access to the Microsoft Office Suite of software (ie-Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.).

University of Iowa Email--Email Set-Up, Office 365
Scroll down to step 3. and open the gray bar. You will find the information needed to set up and begin using your university email account.


Course textbook information is available in the course description on MyUI and in the course syllabus on ICON. Please contact your course instructor if you are unable to locate textbook information for your course or if you have questions about the required textbooks.


Examination information will be provided on your ICON course home page or in your course syllabus. Distance and Online Education instructors may administer exams themselves, have non-proctored exams, or use Exam Services to oversee proctored exams.

If you cannot find exam information in your syllabus or on your ICON course home page, please contact your instructor or, 319.384.4800 for assistance.