Many accommodations can be fulfilled at the North Campus Test Center (NCTC). Accommodations that can be fulfilled at the test center are listed on the student Letter of Accommodation without an asterisk.

Some student accommodations (denoted by an asterisk) need to be fulfilled at Student Disability Services (SDS).

Extended time and reduced distraction are the primary accommodations that Exam Services can provide when you take a proctored exam. For any other type of accommodation, we encourage you to discuss options with your instructor(s), our staff and/or Student Disability Services (SDS) staff before scheduling.  

Setting Up Exam Accommodations 

  1. Forward a copy of the Letter of Accommodations (LOA) form to You will get a notification email once your accommodations are in place. 

  2. Use the Proctored Exams Portal in ICON to verify exam accommodations are correct. If you are approved for extended time, you will see the extra time displayed in minutes in the “Extra Time” column. If you are approved for reduced distraction, you will see a “Y” displayed in the “RD” column. (RD stands for reduced distraction.)  

Extended Time and Online Exams 

Extended time will not display for the exam until you press the button to start the exam. At that point, you should see the exam timer display the exam time + any extended time. 

Reduced Distraction and Online Exams 

All seats at the North Campus Test Center, the on-campus test center, are considered reduced distraction by Student Disability Services.

Proctorio exams can be completed from a private location off-campus; therefore, the remote proctoring platform is also considered reduced distraction by Student Disability Services

Contact Student Disability Services with any questions or concerns about your exam accommodations.